CD In Concert (Volume 1 e 2); Amy Grant

CD In Concert (Volume I e II); Amy Grant

In Concert, VOLUME 1:Amy Grant

  1. Beautiful Music
  2. Giggle
  3. Old Man’s Rubble
  4. Never Give You Up
  5. Mimi’s House
  6. Father’s Eyes
  7. Faith Walkin’ People
  8. Walking Away With You
  9. Mountain Top
  10. All I Ever Have To Be
  11. Singing A Love Song
  12. Don’t Give Up On Me

In Concert, VOLUME 2:Amy Grant

  1. I’m Gonna Fly
  2. Too Late
  3. So Glad
    • You Gave Me Love;
    • Fill Me With Your Love;
    • What A Difference You’ve Made In My Life
  5. If I Have To Die
  6. That’s The Day
  7. Look What Has Happened To Me
  8. Keep It Goin’
  9. Nobody Loves Me Like You

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