Don’t Use Me; Bride – Letra

Don’t Use Me; Bride

Lazy alley mind filled my crazy head with crack
Spooky little spinner so we called up the jack
Felt my feet dangling from the 27th floor
I ain’t no tarin stoppin super man no more
Black out night in philly
Things were getting kinda silly
And the tattoo move right up my arm
And we knew we were losing fuzzy eye snoozing
And the needle didn’t leave a scar

Don’t use me don’t bleed me
Don’t bleed me
You see me on my knees
Don’t use me don’t bleed me
You know just what i need

And the door opened wider
Ryan pitched me a slider
And the lights went out for seven weeks
There’s a certain kind of aroma
When your body’s crashing coma
And your too tongue tied to speak
Real easy to hustle, got a brain storm muscle
Buzzing like a bumble bee
Rock cut me to the floor
Got kicked by a horse
It’s something like i’ve never seen

Got a friend with a monkey
And you don’t think it’s kinda funky
He’s a real judas kiss
Found him face down in bed
Drive by shooter dead
Times like this i won’t miss
When he came to form his haunting blue
I said a miracle has happened to me
Found myself staring in the eye of someone caring
He said boy want to set you free
I could never imagine salvation & compassion
Or a life without guilt or pain
Jesus cried drops of blood in the garden with his love
So we would believe on his name

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