I’m Gonna Get There; Mike Farris – Letra

I’m Gonna Get There; Mike Farris

I’m getting closer by the day.
I can hear the angels pray
I just wanna see His face
And thank Him for the love and grace
I’ll probably break down and cry
When I reach my home by and by

I’m gonna get there…
I’m gonna get there…

Every time I try to pray
Something’s always tryin to get in my way
But they can try what they wanna do
But I ain’t ever letting go of you
I’ve come to far to turn back now
I want to be there when the Saints all smile

I’m gonna get there
I’m gonna get there

(I’m gonna get there)
When I get to heaven gonna jump and shout
(I’m gonna get there)
They’ll be nobody there to throw me out
(I’m gonna get there)
I’m gonna look up David in the heat of the day,
(I’m gonna get there)
Tune up my harp, and begin to play

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