Invisible; Blindside – Letra

Invisible; Blindside

What ya doin tonight?
I wish i could be
A fly on your wall
Are you waiting alone?
Who’s still in your dreams?

Wish i could breathe, you into my life..
(so tell me)
What would it take to see that i’m alive?

If i was invisible
Then i could just watch you in your room
If i was invisible
I’d make you mine tonight
If hearts were unbreakable
Then i could just tell you where i stand
I would be the smartest man
If i was invisible…
Wait, i already am

Saw, your face in the crowd
I call out your name
You don’t hear a sound
I keep tracing your steps
Each move that you make

Wish i could read, what goes through your mind…
(oh baby)
Wish i could breathe the colours of your life…


I am nothing without you….
Just a shadow passing through….


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