Light A Candle; Avalon – Letra

Light A Candle; Avalon

Light a candle
For the old man who sits staring
Out a frosty window pane
Light a candle
For the woman who is lonely
And every Christmas it’s the same
For the children who need
More than presents can bring

Light a candle
Light the dark
Light the world
Light a heart or two
Light a candle for me
I’ll light a candle for you

Light a candle
For the homeless and the hungry
A little shelter from the cold
Light a candle
For the broken and forgotten
May the season warm their souls
Can we open our hearts
To shine through the dark


And in this special time of year
May peace on earth surround us here
And teach us there’s a better way to live
Oh, and with every flame that burns
We must somehow learn
That love’s the greatest gift
That we could ever give


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