Love You; Nívea Soares – Letra

Love You; Nívea Soares

May my heart be broken and humble, before your eyes, oh God
May my heart be moved by the same compassion that moves your heart, oh God
May your everlasting love be seen in your words and actions, and wherever i go
I wanna bring to your arms of love all the wounded, rejected, and abused by this world
I wanna lead to the way of the cross those that are broken and deceived, blinded and lost
I wanna see with your eyes
Feel with your heart, oh God

I need to love you
Love you
And let your love move through me

Even though i speak with the tongues of men or angels
Wihtout love it’s just a loud and silly noise
Even though i prophesy and have applause of man
Wihtout love i’m nothing at all
Those things will pass away
But your love forever will stay

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