Neighbor; Salvador – Letra

Neighbor; Salvador

What’s in a color,what’s in a name
What makes us diferent when what we want’s the same
Power to progress, power to peace
So glad that we can worship in equality
What separates us from our fellow man
Is the fear of what we do not understand?
So let’s dismiss the mystery and talk about it honestly

I love you neighbor, do you love me
No need to complicate or talk philosophy
Love one another is what we need
Ain’t that the way that Jesus said that it should be

Since when’s front porch so outta style
just out there sippin’ tea and talkin’ for a while
Sit down for supper and speak our minds
And reminisce how fast the good times they go by
As sweet as a goodnight kiss
Can we go back to this


Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Jesus loves the little children
Every color in the world


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