Never Givin’ Up; Avalon – Letra

Never Givin’ Up; Avalon

You tell Me that you think that you’re too far away from heaven
You think that you’re out of reach from these arms of love
Why would someone stay around
After all the things you’ve done
Remember I’m the king of the broken hearted
I’ve always been a friend to the wounded soul
Yes, I’ve walked this world, I know
Just how deep the pain can go, oh, yeah
I will always love you, can’t you see
Well, just look into My eyes and believe

When the sky opens up to rain on you
I’ll be there with open arms to cover you
Don’t give up now, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Never givin’ up on you

Never givin’ up
Never givin’ up
Never givin’ up
Never givin’ up

You don’t need to fear, I won’t ever leave you
I have been beside you all this time
Through your silence and your tears
You’ve always been a child of Mine

There’s a new day dawning, you will see
Just open up your heard and believe

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