Somewhere Somehow; Amy Grant – Letra

Somewhere Somehow; Amy Grant

Standing in our silence I hear my heart beating And if only I could choose I’d stay here with you But hold me till the train is leaving Somewhere down the line After you’ve gone from sight Our love will be the same And, whispering your name, I’ll cling to you with all my might Let me dream of you But it’s true And wake me up when this is over Love will be there when this is over and Chorus: Somewhere far beyond today I will find a way to find you And somehow thru the lonely nights I will leave a light in the dark Let it lead you to my heart There’s a love inside us Deep down inside That goes without saying Don’t say a word But I’ll tell you just the same And that love will fan the flame And that flame will warm the heart that’s waiting You are mine and I’ll wait for you my love You are mine it may take some time Even if it takes a lifetime Tell me you’ll wait Chorus Bridge: And somewhere alone I will be praying you home I know that somewhere our love Our love will lead me to your arms Chorus

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