The Ballad Of Arlis Richards; Big Tent Revival – Letra

The Ballad Of Arlis Richards; Big Tent Revival

Arlis Richards was a man
Who lived among the blacks
Was a cross town walker
With a guitar on his back
Barley educated
Couldn’t write his name
When he played his guitar
Everybody sang

I have been set free
Pain and mysery
No longer follow me
I know Jesus

Just outside of Memphis
Back in 52
Arlis was a ramblin
The way that he would do
Playing on his guitar
Sitting in the shade
People came to listen
To the music that he made


Some folks walked on by
When they saw the color of his skin
Others stayed and cried
When they saw the man within

When his song was over
Arlis went his way
Some folks say revival
Started that day


..And he knows me

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